About Us

Andy's Pure Food is organic food and juice cleanse provider located in New York. Featuring an Organic Salad Bar, Cleanse Programs, Soups, Smoothies, juices and more. Serving in New York City for years.

Our mission is to empower people to make positive diet and lifestyle changes. We strive to meet each client's individual needs to ensure lasting lifestyle change and success.

First, a little about what we don't do...

We don't do hype. We don't do fad diets or non-organic meals or unsustainable practices.

We do fresh. We do raw.

Our delicious meals and juice cleanses are made with one simple goal. To balance your system with the purest nutrients and minerals that raw food provides. Pure, simple, tasty. Now that's living well.

Andy's Pure Food, located in New York, uses only the tastiest and freshest ingredients for your gluten, dairy and soy-free meal. Our healthy offerings include salads, soup, sandwiches as well as our famous handmade smoothies and juices. We are also well known by vegan and vegetarian community since our food and juices include 0% animal product. All from vegetables, grains, fruits.

Please feel free to download our digital menu for more details.

Thank you!