Customer Testimonials

"It has changed my life"

Ever since I started eating/juicing at Andy's, I can't tell you how much it has changed my life/diet!

After I did the cleanse, I could not go back to my old eating habits. I have given up caffeine, processed foods & alcohol. Now I wake feeling so much better and full of energy. I am now addicted to Andy's Pure Food, and that's a good thing!

L. Rapp

"The people are friendly"

I love this place, and try to visit as often as I can. The fresh juices are exceptional, although expensive. They are creatively put together, (wheat grass, apple, and goji berry juice?) and are enough to help get over any cold or cough.

The food is always great, on the spicy side. I am always satisfied, and the presentation is wonderful. I love their Veggie Burgers, which are made from ground Quinoa and vegetables. Their fava beans in tomato sauce is great, too. There are always fresh cooked and raw vegetables. No cheese or animal products are used anywhere in this little shop. You can eat there, at small little tables and people watch.

The people are friendly and will customize your order if you ask.

Alaina /

"Fresh & healthy"

The first time I went to Andy's, I went back 2 more times within the following week. When you walk in, you are immediately consumed by the amazing smell of salad items, which just screams FRESH and HEALTHY!

Their smoothies are $8.60 but they are so worth it. They give you a good amount and they are out of this world. My favorite thus far is the Goji Banana smoothie, it is really delicious.

During lunch time on a week day, the place is infested with Jewish housewives, so be will not be able to sit there quietly and enjoy your meal/drink.

Kasy M. / Yelp

"Best of Westchester"

The menu at Andy's Pure Food is vegan—meaning no meat, eggs, dairy, or animal byproduct. All the offerings at the café are minimally processed (no grilling, freezing, or frying) and at most lightly steamed. Popular items to try include sprout Napa salad, red-pepper spread rye bread sandwiches layered with apple, tomato and sprouts; flax crackers spread with almond hummus or avocado, wheat- or dairy-free pies (pumpkin, peach-blueberry crumb or apple), and fresh smoothies in flavors such as goji berry, passion fruit, and mango.

Westchester Magazine

"Very fresh, delicious food"

Very fresh, delicious food completely devoid of meat. For a carnivore like myself, this posed a potential challenge. However, pair your salads with a smoothie and you will be satisfied. The only bummer is the limited seating amongst a snobby Rye crowd. I'll go back for takeout.

G. Dutchess / UrbanSpoon

"Healthy options but incredibly flavorful"

Stopped here for lunch - if I could give it 6 stars, I would. Many healthy options, but incredibly flavorful. Free bottled water, and buffet style build your own meal. I especially enjoyed the lentil, the veggie burger, and the apple/strawberry desert. It isn't cheap - but its really worth it.

Steve H. / Yelp